Help Homeless Youth Access Housing and Pursue Education

Cosponsor the Housing for Homeless Students Act (S. 767/H.R. 4865)

The Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Program provides a reduction in an owner’s tax liability for those who construct or rehabilitate low-income rental housing units. Currently, the program does not allow tenants enrolled in the program to be full-time students. Exceptions are made for part-time students, former foster youth, married students, TANF recipients, and several other student groups.

However, homeless and formerly homeless youth are not exempt. These youth must choose between housing and pursuing education full-time. If they switch to part-time education in order to retain access to affordable housing, they lose access to scholarships and grants.

The Housing for Homeless Students Act (S. 767/H.R. 4865), is bipartisan legislation that would update current law to create an exemption for students if they’ve experienced homelessness within the last seven years. The bill also includes homeless or formerly homeless veterans pursuing full-time education.

Please take one minute to so that homeless youth don’t have to choose between a place to live, and the education that is their best hope of a brighter, more secure future.

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